Taurus Ruling Planet—Venus

“And if you aren’t having an intimate physical relationship with a Taurus, you’ll cherish the coziness they provide to your particular relationship as parent, close relative or friend.”

Oh, Venus, the Goddess of Love & Beauty. How we love and adore everything about you.  How can we resist the brightest planet in the sky and the second planet from the Sun, after Mercury. It’s appropriate that a duo of astrological signs are ruled by this planet, named for the Roman Goddess of Love: Taurus (April 21-May 20) and Libra (Sept. 24-Oct.) . While the two signs are altogether different, one Earth Element and one an Air Element, Venus casts its spell generously among the two, giving Taurus an unmatched earthy sensuality and Libras an unmatched artful grace and sociability. But this post is about Taurus. We’re sure if you know one, you know exactly what we mean. The Bulls can be love amplified—for food, comfort, extravagance and…sex…all thanks to Venus. And if you aren’t having an intimate physical relationship with one, you’ll cherish the coziness they provide to your particular relationship as parent, close relative or friend. And it usually comes with a fierce loyalty. Even those who don’t know one will likely have felt the magnetism of a stranger or friend of a friend born under this sign. Maybe you went to a party hosted by a Taurus as a guest of a friend  — they invited you opened arm into their home (which surely bespoke comfort and quality) and made sure your basic needs were met with extravagance (culinary delights likely cooked by them and the best of libations to pair with it). They might even break into song, too. Venus not only rules their love for all of life’s pleasures we’ve mentioned, but also the voice. (Adele is a Taurus, need we say more.) A true “good time can be had by all.” Of course, their appeal is not just Venus. As we wrote in our post Taurus Sun Sign, Taurus is an Earth Element and so the “real” sex appeal. They can often have be overweight but it’s pretty much the only sign that makes overweight a sexy, thanks to their down to earth, real love. (OK, and Venus appeal too). The Bulls aren’t perfect, for sure. As a Fixed Quality, their love can turn into a possessive kind, but many on the receiving end of Taurus affection find this charming when their honor  is defended ardently. It’s a two sided coin…while they are very slow to anger, once they reach the tipping point, watch out. You’ve heard the phrase: “A Bull in a China Shop”. Stand aside (out of range) and wait it out. It will fade as quickly as it appeared, and you can carry on as before. However, beware that of all the Fixed Signs, Taurus can be the most stubborn. And decisions can take a long, long time for them to make. The good news is that whatever the decision, once they make it, they will pursue it with, well, ardor. Whether it’s a person, an object or an idea. How can we not love and adore this Goddess.

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