Planet Watch: Grand Sextile 2013

Planet Watch: Grand Sextile 2013

Planet Watch Week of July 28, 2013: Is the “star” of this week’s show, the Grand Sextile, aka Star of David, a portal to peace and love on a mass scale that many astrologers say it to be? While we are not versed in this event as well as we should be, we will try to explain, at least the technical part of this rare event. (Note: At the minimum it’s a fascination aspect and we encourage you to research it to learn more). In the meantime,  here’s what’s happening: the Moon’s transit during a brief period of time on July 29 will trigger a six-point Star of David configuration between the Moon and 7 of the planets (only the Sun and Mercury aren’t involved). The Moon (emotion) will come into exact alignment with Venus (love) and Pluto (transformation) to form an Earth Grand Trine. This GT mates ever so briefly with the already-in-place Water Grand Trine that involves Jupiter (feel-good expansion), Neptune (spirituality) and Saturn (teacher) in such a way to form the six-pointed star.* Five points of the Star each represent a transiting planet and one point the Moon, and each of these in turn form a Sextile to the planets or Moon on either side of them. The integration of an Earth and Water Grand Trine is said to offer a portal of time where peace and love can flourish.

How might it affect you personally (or should we ask, how can you contribute to an enlightened mass consciousness)? First, it’s important to note that, while Trines and Sextiles are considered “easy” aspects, an opening of a door, if you will, to an opportunity, there are no guarantees. You don’t have to knock on that door…but you have to notice it’s open and then be curious (and for some, brave) enough to go in to see where the path leads. But as we all know, opportunities rarely manifest into a positive outcome without doing some work first. And so it is with these so called “easy” aspects, including those of the rare 2013 Grand Sextile.

If any of the above transits come into direct contact with your natal planets, you might be among the fortunate to operate at a higher vibration for a few hours on this day, starting about midday on July 29. It would seem that only good would come from thinking about positive thoughts and intentions for yourself and others close to you, so why not go ahead and make a conscious effort to put them “out there” — they might even filter into the mass consciousness.

We welcome input from any and all who might have further insight regarding the Grand Sextile.

*Note: that within this Star of David configuration there are other aspects that form oppositions and squares, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll stick to discussion of the Grand Sextile only.

Planet Watch: Water Grand Trine & Uranus Retrograde July 2013

Planet Watch: Water Grand Trine & Uranus Retrograde July 2013

“…A Water Grand Trine can bring into focus emotions, feelings, heightened intuition and creative ability, and spiritual awareness and/or awakening…”

Planet Watch Week of July 14: A Water Grand Trine Transit could make for an interesting week for Water Signs and Cardinal Signs. If you have a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant, you could be feeling fortunate effects of a Water Grand Trine Transit that goes exact on July 17. Based on the planets involved in the Trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio), you might experience improved “feel good” bonds with others, heightened creativity and intuition, and a deep sense of accomplishment, to name a few. Grand Trines are when three or more Celestial Bodies are in 120 degree aspect to each other, forming an equilateral triangle. As a result, each of CBs involved in a GT are in the same Element — either Earth Fire, Air or Water. Mysterious to many, one school of thought is that they symbolize a fortunate, or soft, aspect highlighting qualities of the Element involved and that, if not used wisely, can be wasted. When transiting planets form a Water Grand Trine, the characteristics of the planets involved are brought into focus through the qualities that embody Water — emotions and feelings, intuition and creative ability, and spiritual awareness and/or awakening — for those who have CBs in their natal chart in Trine aspect with those CBs involved in the Trine transit.

Interestingly, Uranus retrogrades on July 17, too, so any benefit from the Water Grand Trine could have a Uranian quality (sudden or out of the blue). Especially for the Aries, Cancers, Libras and Capricorns who are in the middle of the Uranus-Aries Transit we mentioned in our Facebook Post and in detail in our blog post, Cardinal Signs & Uranus-Aries Transit. If the Water Grand Trine Transit forms positive aspects to your natal Celestial Bodies, it could help you better absorb any continued or return of “chaos” you might experience from the Uranus retrograde…at least while the Trine is in effect through the first part of August. (You should know, however, that Uranus will retrograde for the next 4 months, but the good news is that it will be the third and last time Uranus revisits those of you Cardinals Signs with your Sun, Moon and or Ascendant at 8-12 degrees).

And, finally, Mercury stations direct in Cancer on July 20 after having been retrograde for 3 weeks. During the retrograde, some of you might have decided to hold off on or rethink any communications, travel or business transactions (Mercury) that you’ve been considering. Under the Cancer influence, these could have been related to whether or not to share your feelings with someone close to you about something in particular, deciding where to go for summer vacation, or buying, selling or fixing up your home. With Mercury direct, you’ll likely now be ready to make those decisions.