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What’s Your Element: Earth,  Fire, Water or Air?

What’s Your Element: Earth, Fire, Water or Air?


Each Astrological Sign has an “Element” that characterizes it. There are four Elements in total, with three Signs assigned to each. Specifically:

Earth is the Element for Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Fire the Element for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Water for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Air for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (yes, Aquarius is an Air sign, not a Water Sign!).

The Element of your Sun Sign, or the essence of your personality, offers a general description to how you might react to or approach situations.  For example, generally you can count on the Earth Signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus to be steadfast, practical and sensual; pessimistic, materialistic and cool.

Fire Signs tend to be spontaneous, independent and romantic; aggressive, quick tempered and blunt. Water Signs, emotional, nurturing and deep; moody, withdrawn and selfish.  Air Signs, detached, idealistic and intellectual; cool,  superficial and unrealistic.

Now, remember, these are general characteristics to a Sign—and usually it’s in reference to the Sun Sign.  But the Elements also apply to the Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign (this is taken into account in’s analyses). Once the “heavy” in the triad is tallied, that will likely be the overriding Element reflected in your personality, regardless if it’s your Sun Sign’s or not. For example, if an Earth Sun Sign (Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus) has a Water Moon and Water Ascendant Sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), it’s likely that while you will have Earthy qualities (the Sun Sign’s element will always be at least a thread throughout one’s personality), the Water characteristics will be just as apparent if not more so in how you react emotionally (Moon) and appear to others (Ascendant).

As life has probably taught you by now, there is always a caveat! So, it won’t surprise you when we say there are additional scenarios that can influence the Element characteristics. Let’s say you have a Fire Sun Sign but your Moon and Ascendant are characterized by the Earth Element, plus you have a couple of planets in Earth Signs. It’s likely you will appear more “earthy” than “firey”.  And there are more scenarios that can influence the Element characteristics, but let’s leave that be for now and focus on the Sun Sign. Let’s  have some fun: See if the Element for your Sun Sign aptly describe your general personality.  If it doesn’t, ask several people close to you to give you 3-5 adjectives that would describe your general personality.  Classify them accordingly for your Element Tally. What did you get?

Steve Jobs Had Aries Moon

Steve Jobs Had Aries Moon


It’s not surprising that Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, a Pisces Sun, had an Aries Moon given the trails he ultimately blazed with Apple as its front man. Plus, he had Uranus (the planet of technology) and Jupiter (planet of luck) conjunct in his 10th House, the Career/Public House. The man was bound to succeed in his field. While we’re sure the other two co-founders, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, did too (we haven’t looked into their charts as of this writing), as the company’s face, it was obvious  Jobs lived and breathed his Apple persona and, thus, the company’s cult-like success. And, we wager that there is not one person of the last two generations who is not familiar with Apple branding and — enemy or foe of its technological success — who can discount the company’s innovation in that regard. Remember from our Aries Sun Sign post, Aries, as natural leaders, are not hard to follow.  As you might already know, the Moon Sign represents the emotional self, while the Sun Sign represents one’s vitality, basic  nature. In honor of Apple’s Birthday, April 1, 1976, we’d like to focus on the Aries Moon. Of course speaking in simple terms, it could be said Jobs and Apple share Aries qualities: firebrand, always going off boldly where no one else wants to go with a childlike innocence and belief that no one can stop them.  Jobs was a complex man from his hidden philanthropy and his rep for being stubborn (Pisces Sun) to having a temper when he didn’t get his way (so it’s rumored) and his devoted (childlike) loyalty and commitment to his vision no matter what the naysayers, well, say  (Aries Moon).

Happy Birthday Apple!

-April 1, 1976: Founded as Apple Computer, Inc.

-January 7, 1977: Became Apple, Inc. to reflect focus on consumer electronics

-World’s second largest information technology by revenue (behind Samsung Electronics)

-January 2013: Apple Inc., the second largest publicly traded corporation in the world, with estimated value of $414 billion

-2012: Estimated annual revenue $156 billion