Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune

“Some might say this planet’s spell can be magical or frightening, depending on the soul it rules…or maybe it just depends on the day, hour or minute in the life of that soul!”

The Pisces Sun Sign is ruled by the planet Neptune. What a symbol to be ruled by — a trident! One brandished by a bare chested God of the Sea, with a flowing beard no less! Remember the list of descriptors in the post about Pisces? Several implied they operate in a behind the scenes, subtle fashion. Often those who know a Pisces well will at some point recognize that these folks rule ever so subtly or far away, just enough that you’re hooked before you have any idea of how or when it happened. Maybe because they thrive “hidden” under the water, a place where most mortals can’t breathe. Being planet number eight, it’s the last and the farthest planet from the sun. But its mass is 17 times that of Earth, so you see, though it’s a planet operating from the murky depths in a sea of space, its notice is not easily escaped, though you might not be sure what it is. That was apparently the case in its discovery. More →