Cardinal Signs & Uranus-Aries Transit 2013

Cardinal Signs & Uranus-Aries Transit 2013

A Uranus transit forming a hard aspect to your natal Sun, Moon, and/or Ascendant can be life-altering. …its shock can be difficult and the resulting awe isn’t easily apparent for most of us until viewed in hindsight.

If you are an Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you might have experienced or are experiencing sudden change — or the extreme urge for freedom — in a particular area of your life during the last few years. Manifestations of these unexpected changes or urges to set yourself “free” can range from job loss to ending/beginning of a close relationship, starting your own business, or refusing to go along with status quo, to name a few. Leaving you slightly traumatized and asking yourself, “What the heck just happened?” (If you were to be honest with yourself, however, you weren’t happy in that area of your life anyway!) It’s likely you can thank the Uranus transit of Aries for all the “fun”.

The seventh planet from our Solar System’s Sun has been transiting Aries since 2010/2011 and will be working its way through the first sign of the Zodiac until 2018/2019. As an outer planet, its affects are often on a societal scale. When paired with Aries (ruled by Mars, the planet of war and action), a sudden chaos can ensue, producing a sort of “shock-and-awe” effect. The last time these two paired together was over 80 years ago — during the Great Depression (shock) and the New Deal (awe). Some would argue today we are facing a similar scenario on a global scale with the financial woes (shock) that have been plaguing the world financial markets, forcing us to revolutionize our way of life through globalization, living within our means, etc. (awe).*  We still have some years to go in this transit, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

That said, a Uranus transit forming a hard aspect to your natal Celestial Bodies, especially to your Sun, Moon, or to your Ascendant can impact you personally on a global scale of its own in that it can be life-altering. Unfortunately, at least in the beginning, its shock can be difficult and the resulting awe isn’t easily apparent for most of us until viewed in hindsight. However, it usually is for the “better”. This particular transit is forming hard aspects to Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Those of you who have your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aries or if the House Aries rules in your birth chart is angular (e.g. 1st House/ego, self; 4th/inner, family life; 7th/one-on-one relationships or 10th/career, public image). At the time of this writing, Uranus is at 12 degrees Aries and has been affecting those of you with your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant in early degrees of the sign (8 to 12) for the last year or so. Essentially, Uranus has pulled up alongside that Celestial Body or angle it’s aspecting, forming a conjunction.  Aries are not alone, however. Those of you with Capricorn, Cancer or Libra Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant have felt or will feel the punch, too, as Uranus forms a square (Caps and Cancers) or opposition (Libra) to these Cardinal Signs (For examples, see our “Uranus-Aries Hard Aspects” sidebar below).

“If there’s an area in your life that you are not satisfied with, or in which you feel stuck, this transit will give you the chance to change that.”

So what do these “growth” opportunities look like under the Uranus/Aries transit? Uranus, the ruler of that so-unusual Fixed Air Sign Aquarius, represents freedom, change, innovation, revolution, the sudden and unexpected, among other things. In transit it works to awaken or free us from areas in our life that have become mundane or static, or in which we feel stifled, trapped, stuck. In short, areas in need of change. Aries represents independence and new beginnings, and its Ruling Planet Mars represents action (not the gentle kind). Working in concert, this duo can orchestrate an electrical (Uranus also represents electricity) shock (Mars) to our systems that’s unlike no other combination if it forms a hard aspect with any of your CBs or your Ascendant. If there’s an area in your life that you are not satisfied with, or in which you feel stuck, this transit will give you the chance to change that.

Over the course of its transit of an astrological sign, Uranus visits the CB that’s in hard aspect three times, giving you plenty of chances to get the point. At the time of this writing, Uranus is about 12 degrees, so for those of you with any Cardinal CBs and/or your Ascendant between 8 and 12 degrees, your last round is near. Uranus goes retrograde July 17 (for more on what retrograde means, read our Pluto and Mercury Retrograde posts), giving you the third and final look at what needs to be changed, if you haven’t complied already, before stationing direct Dec. 17. Then it’s time for the Blue Planet to pay a visit to those Cardinal Signs who have their CBs or Ascendant in the middle degrees of Aries for a conjunction (and of Capricorn and Cancer for a square, and Libra for an opposition).

The best advice for those of you still under its influence and for those of you who have yet to encounter it:  Take the “one-two-three” on the chin and go with the “blow”… or flow, as it were.  You might be ever so reluctant to pay the initial price, but in the end you’ll look back and be “glad” you paid it. And if you don’t pay upfront, you just might feel like a missed opportunity passed you by and lifelong regret could end up being your only purchase.

*Note: we would be remiss within this post if we didn’t mention the current transit of Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (government, finances) that’s forming a square to the Uranus/Aries transit and adding to the “color” of the Uranus/Aries transit, especially for the United States, which has a Cancer Sun.  On a personal scale, if you a have CBs and/or Ascendant in Capricorn at 8-12 degrees, the Pluto-Uranus square could be “doubling the fun” for you. That Uranus/Aries induced “unexpected” change goes beyond the surface and is transforming or will transform your subterranean landscape. But we’ll save that for another post.

Uranus-Aries Hard Aspects Explained
Remember from our post Basic Architecture of a Birth Chart that conjunctions between CBs produce an intense focus or emphasis of energy between the CBs or angles in question, giving us the chance for improvement in the areas represented by the House in which its occurring; we tend to feel squares between CBs or angles as an inner tension or struggle, alerting us to an inner growth opportunity related to the Houses in which they reside. Oppositions, on the other hand, often form a sort of metaphorical tug-of-war that you must engage in, usually with or as the result of others, as it relates to the Houses/signs in which the CBs or angle reside.  Below are brief examples of how each hard aspect might manifest, for the purpose of illustration. If you are feeling the transit, you’ll know!

If you have an Aries Sun in the 10th House, it did/is/will form a conjunction with the transit, causing you to focus on your career or how you interact with the public, maybe even a combination of the two. It could be that all of sudden you feel you’ve outgrown your current position and want to take a leadership role. If you can’t make it happen where you are, you could end up finding what you need elsewhere or starting a new endeavor on your own as the one in charge.

Sun Square
If you have a Capricorn or Cancer Sun in the 6th House, it did/is/will square Uranus-Aries in the 10th House. You might be feeling stuck or trapped in your career (10th House) and or bored with the monotony of daily work life (6th). This could manifest in a job loss or change requiring you to reevaluate your career direction and environment, or to start entirely fresh.

Moon Opposite
If you have a Libra Moon in the 3rd House, it was/is/will be opposite Uranus-Aries in the 9th House. As a result, the transit might cause an emotional conflict within a relationship resulting from a sudden desire by one of you to perhaps pursue a higher education (9th House) that involves having to move away, perhaps even to another state or country (9th House). Do you (or they) stay or go?

Ascendant Square
If you have a Capricorn or Cancer Ascendant, it did/is/will square the Uranus-Aries transit in the 10th House. Again, squares are usually felt as an inner struggle about the areas it’s aspecting.  It’s all about you (Ascendant) and could manifest in restlessness, rebellion against the status quo, all to find the freedom or excitement you desire, regardless what others think. With the 10th House involved, you could suddenly decide to shake things up and reinvent your career, just for the sake of it.


Transiting Pluto Retrograde & You

Transiting Pluto Retrograde & You

“Myastrologylife has a fondness for the Planet of the Deep both as a natal planet and a transiting one…we find it offers a person a chance for a subterranean shift that can transform the psyche to a place where there is no going back. A place called Forward.”

Pluto is now retrograde in Capricorn until Sept. 20, 2013.
First, let’s clarify what “retrograde” really means. In as near scientific terms as we can understand and conjure (so please speak up if we get it wrong!), when a planet is retrograde, it’s not actually going backwards as the term implies, but only seems as if it is to those of us who happen to be inhabiting the planets that are passing each other at certain times of their orbits. Earth is closer to the Sun and, thus, on an inner lane of the orbital race track, so to speak, while Pluto is on what might as well be considered, for now, an outside lane of the track. As the faster planet’s (Earth) pulls parallel to the slower planet (Pluto), the planets appear stationary to each other for a “moment’, until Earth passes Pluto. It’s at this point, it appears that one or the other is going backward, depending on which planet you’re living on. “Appears” is the operative word here. Or if you prefer more “earth bound” analogies, consider when a fast car approaches a slower car…for a moment two cars seem simpatico, but not for long. As the fast car pulls ahead, the slow car appears to move backward. That’s not really the case, as we know. Something called physics is happening! In the case of Pluto, a small and distant planet on the “outside track” it will appear to be moving backward beginning April 12, 2013, as the Earth, on the inside track, whips by the dwarf planet. It’s at these times the slower planet is said to be in retrograde motion.

A Few Fun Plutoids

  • Pluto is Retrograde approximately 5 months of the year.
  • Its 40x farther than the Earth is from the Sun and it takes 248 years to work its way around the Sun…and your natal chart.
  • It spends about two decades, give or take a few years, in each of your Astrological Houses.
  • One day on Pluto lasts about 6.5 Earth days.
  • Recategorized as a dwarf planet within the Kuiper Belt in 2006. Also called a plutoid (in this case not our play on words, but meaning a planet that’s farther out in space than Neptune—it’s one of three plutoids we know about so far). Check out our take on whether Pluto is a planet or not on FB.
  • It’s as wide as the United States
  • It has an eccentric orbit around Sun
  • We should know more about the planet when the spacecraft New Horizons, launched in 2006, reaches Pluto’s realm in 2015 (barring any mishaps along its way).
Sideview of Pluto's ecliptic orbit (red) shows its large inclination to Earth's ecliptic orbital plane. Original simulation by Todd K. Timberlake

Sideview of Pluto’s ecliptic orbit (red) shows its large inclination to Earth’s ecliptic orbital plane. Original simulation by Todd K. Timberlake

What Does Pluto’s Retrograde Mean to You?
Myastrologylife has a fondness for the Planet of the Deep (our dub) both as a natal planet and a transiting one because, generally speaking, when we surrender to its powerful inner command to look intensely within to analyze the area of our lives it’s impacting, we find it offers a person a chance for a subterranean shift that can transform the psyche to a place where there is no going back. A place called Forward. It’s command can be even more intensified when it is in retrograde, as it is now. We won’t dwell on what happens if you choose to leave the white flag at home and wage battle with Pluto. It’s choices like that that will be thrown right back at you during a retrograde if there’s still work to be done by you in the House it is transiting, as well as the House in which it natally resides. As the ruler of Scorpio, you will also feel it in the House that Scorpio resides. Because the inner work Pluto asks us to do is hard and intense, this transformation can take a lifetime, and, thus, the results of all that hard work might not be seen until the middle to later periods of our lives.

Currently, transiting Pluto is in the Cardinal Sign of Capricorn (and will be until 2023), placing emphasis on power, money, responsibility, maturity, revolutionary changes in ways of thinking and how we lead our lives. We can see this influence happening on a mass consciousness level, with governments and economies, for example. On a personal level, these themes will likely surface in the House(s) Pluto is impacting, especially if transiting Pluto is in hard aspect to a natal planet. If you don’t know your birth chart House placement for Capricorn, your natal Pluto, or Scorpio (the planet’s natural sign), consider if there is an/are area/s of your life in which you feel out of control or that you have recurring issues on an inner level, issues that might not be apparent to those on the outside. If you have avoided such analysis, it can manifest subconsciously as an uncomfortable feeling that something isn’t right. If that’s the case, take time to look at this “feeling” square on and try to access it. Is it Relationships (7th)? Work/Day-to-Day life(6th)? Career/Public Life (10th)? Family/Homelife (4th)? Where ever Pluto’s focus is, take the opportunity to dig deep and be honest about what you see. It will pay off in the long run.

On the other hand, if the transiting planet isn’t in hard aspect, or if you’ve done your work to get your Pluto-related Houses in order, you’ll reap one of the benefits: Pluto’s retrograde likely will go unnoticed!