Gemini & Virgo Ruling Planet Mercury

“Like the Planet, there is more to those born under this Planetary Ruler than can be seen in ‘one take.’”

In Astrology, Mercury is the Planet of Communication and Ruler of the Star Signs Gemini and Virgo. But to understand the effects it has on these natives, let’s first discuss the planet astronomically. As we wrote in our post, Gemini Sun Sign, it’s the closest planet to the Sun in our Solar System and, as a result, it has the fastest path around the luminary, with what is called an eccentric orbit. Apparently, the swiftness of the planet moving across the night sky that was observed by ancient Roman astronomers, leading them to name the planet after the Roman winged-footed messenger god, Mercury (hence, the Planet of Communication). This swiftness and eccentricity have made Mercury an elusive capture for astronomers, allowing only one side or part to be viewed at a time. Apparently, because of these characteristics, it’s the least studied planet in our Solar System. Until recently, that is. NASA’s aptly named space probe, the MESSENGER, has dutifully provided a complete map of the planet — and not in one take, mind you, but many! Completely mapped for the first time this year, the images reveal a planet that’s more complex and dynamic than first thought (from its dense geology to its varying daily surface temperatures and difficulty to access, requiring a number of complex orbits by the probe).  Like the Planet, there is more to those born under this Planetary Ruler than can be seen in “one take.”

Mercury in Gemini vs. Virgo
Unlike most of the other Planetary Rulers that have dominion over one Astrological Sign, however, Mercury divides its attention between two: Gemini and Virgo. (Venus is the only other Planetary Ruler of two signs, with reign over Taurus and Libra.) However, while there are basic similarities in Mercury’s style of rule over both, there are nuanced differences, mainly in how the two Astrological Sign communicate and channel their exceptional intelligence.

In Gemini, Mercury tends to want the natives to be, well, mercurial, leaving The Twins wanting variety and the ability to flit freely about to the next curiosity, all in a sort of stream-of-consciousness kind of way. In Virgo, it prefers natives to be precise and clear in communication, leaving The Virgin wont for organization to life’s approach. When it comes to their Brain Trusts, both Signs an unusual mentally acuity. But, you’re likely to see that intelligence channeled in different ways. For example, a Gemini can usually talk about multiple topics and convince you he/she is a pro on all things (excellent salespeople).  A Virgo excels at targeting his/her audience with information about a particular subject in a precise, organized, educable fashion (excellent teachers).

Despite these “differences,” you might pick up on the fact that both these natives can be flexible and changing. Don’t confuse these similarities as Mercury’s doing. These likenesses are due to both having a Mutable Quality. But you can imagine how to very different communication styles could hamper what otherwise are compatible traits!