Pisces Sun Sign

Astrological Sun Sign Pisces
Planetary Ruler: Neptune
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20), the sign of the Fish, is the last of the 12 Zodiac signs. It is said if those who are born under it have lived right, by the end of their lifetime they will have reached the highest octave supposedly achievable by man. Jesus is thought to be a Pisces, so now you get the implication (and also hence the link to the ancient fish symbolizing Christianity that was posted outside taverns and inns, for example, to show travelers and patrons that Christians were welcome..the symbol is still used this way today by some businesses). But Jesus Christ was a Superstar after all and, thus, a hard act to follow. Manny who are close to a Pisces might experience a person who is just about Christ-like, loving, honest, and kind one day and one who is deceptive, manipulative and selfish the next, always confounding those around him or her. (But don’t forget, though the essence of their sign implicates that they have a chance to fully evolve in this lifetime, they are human too, so give them a break, especially if their higher self is present most of the time.)  It’s no wonder this horoscope sign is symbolized by two (slippery) fish swimming in opposite directions from each other, aptly reflecting the sign’s duality and mutability (see upcoming post on this). That said they can be very compassionate and idealistic folk who want to help those in need—and counted on to do so. Those with this Sun sign are are highly intuitive and aware of that they are so. They usually have a strong artistic bent too, especially with regard to music talent. Or if they don’t actively manifest their creativity into an art form,  they at the least are avid supporters, again, especially of music. Much of these traits are thanks to the sign’s Ruling Planet, Neptune and the House it’s in. Learn more by reading the post, Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune.

It’s important to point out that we are speaking here about the Pisces Sun sign’s general traits. Other factors can cancel them out or emphasize them even more, including what House the Sun Sign resides in, the Moon Sign and House, and the Ascendant Sign. Look for a post entitled Astrology 101 soon explaining these elements of a person’s birth personality.