Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune

“Some might say this planet’s spell can be magical or frightening, depending on the soul it rules…or maybe it just depends on the day, hour or minute in the life of that soul!”

The Pisces Sun Sign is ruled by the planet Neptune. What a symbol to be ruled by — a trident! One brandished by a bare chested God of the Sea, with a flowing beard no less! Remember the list of descriptors in the post about Pisces? Several implied they operate in a behind the scenes, subtle fashion. Often those who know a Pisces well will at some point recognize that these folks rule ever so subtly or far away, just enough that you’re hooked before you have any idea of how or when it happened. Maybe because they thrive “hidden” under the water, a place where most mortals can’t breathe. Being planet number eight, it’s the last and the farthest planet from the sun. But its mass is 17 times that of Earth, so you see, though it’s a planet operating from the murky depths in a sea of space, its notice is not easily escaped, though you might not be sure what it is. That was apparently the case in its discovery.

While the annals of history have Neptune as being officially discovered in 1846, Galileo’s records show that he had glimpses of it in 1812 and 1813, but he apparently thought it was star! Several subsequent astronomers “calculated” the planet in their observations. In fact, and in true Neptunian fashion of illusion and confusion, the powers that be ultimately pinned three astronomers with the Blue Planet’s discovery nearly 40 years after Galileo’s “meeting”. There was even some confusion when naming the planet, with Janus and Oceanus as choices before settling on the traditional route of awarding (most) planets with mythological titles.

Neptune’s (Or is it Janus’ or Oceanus’) Spell
Some might say this planet’s spell can be magical or frightening, depending on the soul it rules…or maybe it just depends on the day, hour or minute in the life of that soul! Magical because at its best, it can inspire creative, compassionate and idealistic souls into action, bringing these qualities to the surface for those around them to benefit, for that is  what every Pisces at least glimpses as their highest goal. Frightening because at its darkest, it can plunge the kindest of souls into a murky world of addiction, mental illness and deception. It’s interesting to mention here that Neptune is the natural Ruler of 12th House (and the 12th House is the natural home of Pisces). Look for a post on the natural houses/placements soon. But for now and for the purpose of this discussion, all you need to know to make the final Neptune connection is that the 12th House represents the “hidden” or unknown. Those with Neptune placed here or Pisces ruling this house in their natal astrological chart might achieve their highest vibration by working with or helping the mentally ill, addicts, those in institutions, such as a prisons or hospitals, or by sacrificing a “normal” life to do God’s work. By the same token (and in keeping with the dual nature of Pisces and Neptune), a person with Neptune significantly aspected in the 12th house of the zodiac could just as well end up on the other side of this picture…mentally ill, an addict,  imprisoned, hospitalized or as a hermit for a part or more of his life. All of these scenarios aren’t restricted to the 12th house, of course, and most people won’t have both their sun and ruling planet in the natural house (in this case, Pisces and Neptune in the 12th House). No matter, if a person is a Pisces native or not, Neptune’s spell will be felt wherever it resides in a birth chart. Do you know where yours is?

In the end,  if we strive to see the magic in Neptune, we mortals just might get a glimpse of a greater purpose.