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FVBG1The Birth Personality Astrology Profile goes beyond the cursory analysis offered by typical birth chart programs, providing an in-depth look at each of your natal Celestial Bodies and their placements at the time of your birth and in relationship to each other. Each person’s chart is like a fingerprint…or birth print…there are no two that are exactly alike. Just provide your birth date, year and time. The most accurate analysis requires actual birth time, which is printed on your birth certificate. Don’t have your birth certificate? Visit’s My FAQs for more on the importance of your actual birth time and tips on how to acquire your birth certificate.
Suggested Donation: $75*

The Major Transiting Planets Analysis examines your natal Celestial Bodies that are being aspected by current transiting CBs. Again, it is essential to have your exact birth time for an accurate analysis. Visit My FAQs to read more about natal versus transiting CBs.
Suggested Donation: $35*

The Personal Monthly Astrology Analysis e-Newsletter highlights your astrology sign’s monthly outlook as well as information pertaining specifically to your natal chart Celestial Bodies, and their aspects.
— Suggested Donation: $25*

To order any of the personalized reports, please make a Donation below and then visit My Contact to fill out the form with the necessary information for the analyses: Day/Month/Year of birth, birth city and country, and birth time. Remember a birth time from a birth certificate is necessary for accurate information.

*Please note that a portion of the Donations made in exchange for products will be given to animal shelters and services of’s choice, making both your and’s efforts more than worthwhile. Thank you!