Pisces Element—Water

If you’ve read the Pisces Sun Sign and the Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune posts, by now you know the element Pisces is “made of”…water. Each astrological sign is qualified by an element…water, earth, fire and air…with three signs to each element. Cancer and Scorpio join Pisces. These three signs share qualities associated with water…more so in the metaphorical sense than in the literal sense (though you’d be hard pressed to find one of these signs who is not noticeably attracted to pull of the sea). Emotional, tidal, sensitive, nurturing, selfish, intuitive, cold, imaginative, escapist. The kingdom of Pisces’ ruler stretches far and wide, spanning nearly three-quarters of the Earth, no less. So it’s these natives who possibly are the most sensitive to the undercurrents of their watery world. Their deceptive subtle, calm nature can be likened to a baby’s heartbeat muted by the amniotic fluid of its mother’s womb. They are very alive. And of the trio, it’s the only mutable astrological sign. You see a trend. By it’s very nature the sea is always changing, and so it is with Pisces. Another explanation to these folks’ “dual” nature and ability to swim in any direction, eluding capture but only by the most skilled of anglers…unless they allow themselves to be caught, that is.