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Taurus Ruling Planet—Venus

Taurus Ruling Planet—Venus

“And if you aren’t having an intimate physical relationship with a Taurus, you’ll cherish the coziness they provide to your particular relationship as parent, close relative or friend.”

Oh, Venus, the Goddess of Love & Beauty. How we love and adore everything about you.  How can we resist the brightest planet in the sky and the second planet from the Sun, after Mercury. It’s appropriate that a duo of astrological signs are ruled by this planet, named for the Roman Goddess of Love: Taurus (April 21-May 20) and Libra (Sept. 24-Oct.) . While the two signs are altogether different, one Earth Element and one an Air Element, Venus casts its spell generously among the two, giving Taurus an unmatched earthy sensuality and Libras an unmatched artful grace and sociability. But this post is about Taurus. We’re sure if you know one, you know exactly what we mean. The Bulls can be love amplified—for food, comfort, extravagance and…sex…all thanks to Venus. And if you aren’t having an intimate physical relationship with one, you’ll cherish the coziness they provide to your particular relationship as parent, close relative or friend. And it usually comes with a fierce loyalty. Even those who don’t know one will likely have felt the magnetism of a stranger or friend of a friend born under this sign. Maybe you went to a party hosted by a Taurus as a guest of a friend  — they invited you opened arm into their home (which surely bespoke comfort and quality) and made sure your basic needs were met with extravagance (culinary delights likely cooked by them and the best of libations to pair with it). They might even break into song, too. Venus not only rules their love for all of life’s pleasures we’ve mentioned, but also the voice. (Adele is a Taurus, need we say more.) A true “good time can be had by all.” Of course, their appeal is not just Venus. As we wrote in our post Taurus Sun Sign, Taurus is an Earth Element and so the “real” sex appeal. They can often have be overweight but it’s pretty much the only sign that makes overweight a sexy, thanks to their down to earth, real love. (OK, and Venus appeal too). The Bulls aren’t perfect, for sure. As a Fixed Quality, their love can turn into a possessive kind, but many on the receiving end of Taurus affection find this charming when their honor  is defended ardently. It’s a two sided coin…while they are very slow to anger, once they reach the tipping point, watch out. You’ve heard the phrase: “A Bull in a China Shop”. Stand aside (out of range) and wait it out. It will fade as quickly as it appeared, and you can carry on as before. However, beware that of all the Fixed Signs, Taurus can be the most stubborn. And decisions can take a long, long time for them to make. The good news is that whatever the decision, once they make it, they will pursue it with, well, ardor. Whether it’s a person, an object or an idea. How can we not love and adore this Goddess.

Myastrologylife.com makes every effort to share knowledge throughout our website and social media that is fact checked and researched. However, please let us know if we have presented inaccurate and/or incomplete information so we can rectify any misinformation. We too are only humans after all:)

Adele Has Taurus Sun

Adele Has Taurus Sun

“…one can safely wager that Adele (or any Taurus) does not enter into — or exit from — anything lightly or quickly, but when she does, she’s wholly committed.”

Adele (born May 5, 1988, near London) could be considered a perfect poster child for the Taurus Sun Sign. The Grammy and Academy Award Winning Diva exudes earthy Taurean energy with her sultry contralto voice (Taurus rules the larynx, so most of them have distinctive voices and a flair for singing), cozy sex appeal (an Earth Element ruled by Venus, these folks are irresistibly attractive in a real-people kind of way), and financial savvy (there is a reason the Bull is this astrological sign’s symbol — and Wall Street’s). And, of course, there’s love, a favorite topic of Adele and her Sun Sign’s planetary ruler, Venus. Taurus is a Fixed Quality so these folks need to be bullish on whatever do next. As a result, one can safely wager that Adele (or any Taurus) does not enter into — or exit from — anything lightly or quickly, but when she does, she’s wholly committed. This is true whether its a relationship, a song (“21” speaks volumes for both of these) or business (when she said she was going to take a break from writing another hit album to enjoy her current relationship and have a family, she meant it).

Several astrology sites report Adele’s birth time as 3:02 a.m., If that’s correct, she would have an Aquarius Ascendant, but myastrologylife.com can’t confirm this birth time so we’ll refrain commenting on her Ascendant. However, since her birth date and place of birth are public knowledge, we can feel confident about her Sagittarius Moon Sign. The Sag Moon and its Fire Element are likely responsible for Adele’s emotionally frank — and even idealistic despite the frequent use of four-letter words — communication style, both on stage and off. And then there’s her sparky personality for which her interviews have become famous. Now, in the throws of blissful (we hope) marriage and motherhood, it’s a sure bet many are eagerly awaiting her next onstage tune(s), especially after hearing the sexy, cinematic hit “Skyfall”.  It is, in a word, Awesome. And a hit that only a poster child for the Taurus Sun Sign could produce… .

Basic Architecture of a Birth Chart

Basic Architecture of a Birth Chart


“Having a combination of these Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares and Trines/Sextiles is actually a good thing, with the red and yellow aspects indicating opportunities for personal growth, success, genius and inspiration, often with much hard work, but well worth it! … Or not.”

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with birth charts, we thought it would be a good idea to describe to you the basic architecture of a birth chart against a visual of an actual birth chart. This will help give you a reference point should you have an analysis done (and is included) and it will also help you with some of the common vocabulary used throughout myastrologylife.com’s content.  We will build upon this post with others, adding more information each time, so it might be easier to absorb and learn. And there is always Google should you desire to investigate things further in the meantime. Just be careful in your research and to be sure to confirm your “answers” by finding at least 3 sources that offer similar information. There can be a lot of varying information floating around our virtual world, and much of it can be misleading. OK, on to the “lesson”. Please reference the image as you read.

1) Houses are represented on the 360-degree Astrological Wheel by the pie-shaped pieces. There are 12 total, usually of varying sizes using the Placidus House System. Houses 1-6 are below the horizontal line, beginning with the First House on the left (or eastern) side, below the dark horizontal line. Houses 7-12 are above the horizontal line, with the 7th house the first one on the right, above the horizontal line. Each House varies in size and represents an area/areas of one’s life. Generally, the Frst House represents Self, Second Value; Third Communication/Nearby Community/Short Distance Trips/Primary Education; Fourth Home/Parent/Ancestors; Fifth Creativity/How We Love One-on-One; Sixth Service/Health/Day-to-Day Work; Seventh One-on-One Partnerships; Eighth Sex/Other People’s Finances & Property/Occult/Inheritance; 9th Religion/Philosophy/Foreign Travel/Higher Education; 10th Career/Public LIfe/Parent; 11th Groups/Organizations/Friends/How Others Love Us; 12th Hidden Matters/Karma.  Mind you, the meanings listed here are generally the primary ones for each house, but by no means the finite list.

Astrological Sign Symbols

Astrological Sign Symbols

2) The Symbols on the outer ring of the chart Astrological Wheel are the Astrological Signs. As with the Houses, there are 12 Astrological Signs, each representing 30 degrees of space. The natural order of the signs is: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (more on that in another post). Whatever Sign begins a House is considered the House’s Ruling Sign. In this chart Cancer is Rising (First House). Then the signs follow in consecutive order from that point on. Cancer is followed by: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and ending with Gemini Ruling the 12th.

3) The various Symbols you see scattered within the Houses are the Celestial Bodies (often just referenced as planets and luminaries). These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Additionally there are important angles/points included in a birth chart, including the Ascendant (always represented by the Astrological Sign that rules your First House) and the North Node (the earphone shaped symbol). Each one of these has a place in your chart, falling in a House and in a Sign. For example, this person Sun is in the 10th House/Pisces; Moon in the 6th House/Sag; Jupiter 9th House/Aquarius; North Node 8th House/Aquarius. Can you find them?

Astrological Symbols for Celestial Bodies (Planets, Luminaries, North Node)

Astrological Symbols for Celestial Bodies (Planets, Luminaries (but for the earphone shaped North Node)

4) The green lines indicate Trines and Sextile, aka harmonious, aspects between the CBs or angles they connect. For example, here, Moon/6th/Sag  is Trine Venus/10th/Aries; Sun 10th/Pisces is Sextile Mars/7th/Capricorn and North Node/8th/Aquarius.

5) The red lines are Oppositions, a hard aspect, which represent areas where there is a sort of “tug of war” between the CBs or angles  they connect In this case there is only one opposition—Jupiter/9th/Aquarius Opposite Uranus/3rd/Virgo (barely).

6) The yellow lines are Squares, another hard aspect, forming a tension between the connected CBs or angle. An example here is Pluto/11th/Taurus Squares Uranus/3rd/Virgo (barely).

7) The small red lines are Conjunctions, also considered a hard aspect, but one that’s “easier” than the others, providing an emphasis or intense focus of energy between the CBs or angle. Here, there’s only one: Mars/7th/ Capricorn Conjuncts North Node/7th/Capricorn.

These aspects all are determined by the angles/degrees (within a margin, not exceeding 10 degrees) between the CBs and angles/points involved. For example, a Trine represents 120 degrees between two (or more) CBs and/or angles/points, give or take up to 8ish degrees; a Sextile 60 degrees within margin; an Opposition 180 degrees within margin; a Square 90 degrees) within margin; and a Conjunction 0 degrees within margin (in case of a Conjunction 2 degrees or so).

Having a combination of these Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares and Trines/Sextiles is actually a good thing, with the red and yellow aspects indicating opportunities for personal growth (Wayne Dyer), success (Steve Jobs), genius (Einstein) and inspiration (Deepak Chopra), often with much hard work, but well worth it! The green aspects represent areas of ease that can be capitalized upon to help manifest a positive outcome of the squares and oppositions, especially as you mature. Or not. Sometimes it can depends on how you allow these aspects affect your personality and choices. At myastrologylife.com, despite any struggle there might be, we choose to focus on the positive side of the coin, and you can, too.

There are several more aspects, all determined by the degrees between them, but the aforementioned three are the basic and most common ones to be concerned about for now.

Note: The colors used to represent the aspects are myastrologylife.com’s…and much to the chagrin of one astrologer colleague…and are not necessarily industry standard.

BTW: Can you guess whose chart this is? There is an Easter Egg, but we’ll be sure to tell all soon.

Steve Jobs Had Aries Moon

Steve Jobs Had Aries Moon


It’s not surprising that Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, a Pisces Sun, had an Aries Moon given the trails he ultimately blazed with Apple as its front man. Plus, he had Uranus (the planet of technology) and Jupiter (planet of luck) conjunct in his 10th House, the Career/Public House. The man was bound to succeed in his field. While we’re sure the other two co-founders, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, did too (we haven’t looked into their charts as of this writing), as the company’s face, it was obvious  Jobs lived and breathed his Apple persona and, thus, the company’s cult-like success. And, we wager that there is not one person of the last two generations who is not familiar with Apple branding and — enemy or foe of its technological success — who can discount the company’s innovation in that regard. Remember from our Aries Sun Sign post, Aries, as natural leaders, are not hard to follow.  As you might already know, the Moon Sign represents the emotional self, while the Sun Sign represents one’s vitality, basic  nature. In honor of Apple’s Birthday, April 1, 1976, we’d like to focus on the Aries Moon. Of course speaking in simple terms, it could be said Jobs and Apple share Aries qualities: firebrand, always going off boldly where no one else wants to go with a childlike innocence and belief that no one can stop them.  Jobs was a complex man from his hidden philanthropy and his rep for being stubborn (Pisces Sun) to having a temper when he didn’t get his way (so it’s rumored) and his devoted (childlike) loyalty and commitment to his vision no matter what the naysayers, well, say  (Aries Moon).

Happy Birthday Apple!

-April 1, 1976: Founded as Apple Computer, Inc.

-January 7, 1977: Became Apple, Inc. to reflect focus on consumer electronics

-World’s second largest information technology by revenue (behind Samsung Electronics)

-January 2013: Apple Inc., the second largest publicly traded corporation in the world, with estimated value of $414 billion

-2012: Estimated annual revenue $156 billion

Albert Einstein Was a Pisces

Albert Einstein Was a Pisces

The creativity we’ve mentioned throughout the Pisces blogs doesn’t restrain itself to the arts.Quite possibly the world’s most creative mind was born to an Albert Einstein, March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. This man meets all the astrological sign of Pisces Sun/Neptune Ruler basic characteristics: out-of-the-box thinking (creativity and imagination), playing the violin (music), sailing (water), promoting an equal, peaceful society (compassion for the masses). History’s This Day in History gives a good synoptic take on this amazing man!

And other Piscean tendencies can be found in his words (which we feel confident they likely matched his thoughts):

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

The high destiny of the individual is to server rather than rule.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

More can be found at Brainy Quote (or many other sites…just search Einstein quotes).

Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune

Pisces Ruling Planet—Neptune

“Some might say this planet’s spell can be magical or frightening, depending on the soul it rules…or maybe it just depends on the day, hour or minute in the life of that soul!”

The Pisces Sun Sign is ruled by the planet Neptune. What a symbol to be ruled by — a trident! One brandished by a bare chested God of the Sea, with a flowing beard no less! Remember the list of descriptors in the post about Pisces? Several implied they operate in a behind the scenes, subtle fashion. Often those who know a Pisces well will at some point recognize that these folks rule ever so subtly or far away, just enough that you’re hooked before you have any idea of how or when it happened. Maybe because they thrive “hidden” under the water, a place where most mortals can’t breathe. Being planet number eight, it’s the last and the farthest planet from the sun. But its mass is 17 times that of Earth, so you see, though it’s a planet operating from the murky depths in a sea of space, its notice is not easily escaped, though you might not be sure what it is. That was apparently the case in its discovery. More