Cancer Sun Sign

“Nurturing, home loving, family oriented, sensitive, moody, cautious, selfish, good memory, complaintive, helpful, humorous”

Cancer (June 22 – July 22),
the sign of the Crab, is the fourth of the Zodiac signs. Generally, one of the first things you might notice about Cancers, man or woman, is a maternal or nurturing quality. This can manifest in concern for others, making those visiting their home feel comfortable (they usually love to cook) and by being there when others need someone to talk to. Next, you might notice they can be moody — warm and welcoming one visit or reclusive and remote on another visit. More than any other Sign they get a pass for this ebb and flow in their demeanor: Not only is Cancer a Water Sign, its Planetary Ruler is the Moon and the Moon represents our emotional selves. Think of the pull of the Moon on the tides of the ocean. And think of the Crab and how it moves…dancing with the water’s edge as it moves back and forth. When not flirting with the water, it sidles along the sand sideways always taking in the whole picture but still moving forward, then to make sure it is getting a good view of what’s around it, it moves back the way it came and then maybe up and around it’s original path. Then as it feels confident in where it’s going, it takes a few less side steps backward than the last time…until something threatens it, that is. Then, it’s time to skedaddle, as fast as it can, all the way back to the hole in the sand from which it emerged. There it will remain to recover from the insecurity until it feels confident enough to pop back out into the world again.

Astrological Sun Sign Cancer
Planetary Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal

The humans born under this Astrological Sign act in much the same way the Crab. They are circumspect, so much so that they might even go unnoticed by others in a small crowd — at first. These folk prefer it that way. They want to observe the scene in front of them from all angles before cautiously entering the action. But don’t let first impressions fool you. They are a Cardinal Sign so once they feel “at home” with you or a situation, they take the lead and are dynamic, funny and entertaining.  When they feel safe enough to show you this side of themselves, it means you have reached their soft center and they will call you friend and welcome you into their fold warmly. But, while close friends are important, it’s a Cancer’s family that comes first…second… even third, for a Cancer.  Just as it should be for the Nurturer of the Zodiac.

Cancer’s Natural Home
The Fourth House is where Cancer and its ruling planet the Moon reside. This House represents the family, ancestors, the home, security, the past, the mother. The Fourth House is situated on one of the four angles of the Zodiac chart. Also called the IC, or Imum Coeli (bottom of the sky), it is located at the lowest point of the chart and therefore embodies all that is close and personal to us, adding another layer to the Fourth House meaning. If you have Celestial Bodies in the Fourth, regardless of whether the House is ruled by Cancer or not, you are likely closely tied to all of the above but it’s guised in the characteristic of the Celestial Body that resides there. For instance, if you have Mars in the Fourth, there is likely a lot of activity centered around your home, or you might be involved in real estate somehow. If your Sun and/or Moon are here, your vitality and/or emotions are entwined with all things “home” related. Metaphorically and literally, if your “house” is in disrepair, you might appear that way too. If it’s well maintained, again, you will appear as so.