Aries Sun Sign


Astrological Sun Sign Aries
Planetary Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal

Leader, childlike, independent, direct, impatient, short attention span, energetic, charming, bold, quick tempered

Aries  (March 21-April 19), the sign of the Ram, is the first of the 12 Zodiac signs. They are the “newborns” of the zodiac and this can be easily seen in their childlike, energetic approach to life, their attention moving from one thing to another as they explore life’s offerings, their loyalties unabashedly simple and uncomplicated. This certain naivete is surely a benefit of being the baby of the Zodiac and of envy to the “older” signs. Even as they grow into adults, these traits generally stick, including a childlike charm that is hard to resist. They are great at starting things but can fall off on the finishing end of the bargain if their attention is distracted by  the next shiny thing. That said they go after their shiny objects, whether people, things or ideas, with energy and enthusiasm.  The Ram suits these folks as their symbol too. It charges after whatever it has its eye on in bold fashion, regardless of who might get in the way. And their element Fire is appropriate to, giving that spark in most things they do, and even at times to their temperament (think Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin). You ask how can these people be leaders if they’re off  running all over the place all the time acting like children! Well, the Aries quality is Cardinal, which gives them their leadership capabilities. It’s a nice combination if you think about it. Who wouldn’t want to go off and follow someone who can take charge with a certain innocent charm that casts a spell of fun on any endeavor?  Oh, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the effect of this Sun sign’s Ruling Planet! We will write about Mars in our next post. If you know any Aries, man or woman, it’s a safe bet you’ve noticed these folks’ sex appeal immediately!

It’s important to point out that we are speaking here about the Aries Sun sign’s general traits. Other factors can cancel them out or emphasize them even more, including what House the Sun Sign resides in, the Moon Sign and House, and the Ascendant Sign. Look for a post entitled Astrology 101 soon explaining these elements of a person’s birth personality.