Discover Your Birth Personality Strengths

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The pursuit of knowing thyself and identifying how to best serve yourself and others based on who you have been, who you are and who you strive to be is a quest of a lifetime for many. The ability to cast a critical, yet loving, eye within to understand your motivations and reactions, can lead to exponential personal growth.

A sample natal birth chart.

Some say our life is of our choosing, a choice that occurs even before we are born. The locations of the Celestial Bodies at your birth time create a birth personality that is unique only to you. offers personalized analyses of the your natal birth chart, including the placements and aspects of the CBs during the exact moment of your birth, as well as the impact of current aspects. Each analysis is designed to help you continue on or begin your path to becoming the best you can be for yourself and others today and moving forward.

The Birth Personality Astrology Profile goes beyond the cursory analysis offered by typical birth chart programs, providing an in-depth look at each of your natal Celestial Bodies and their placements at the time of your birth and in relationship to each other. Each person’s chart is like a fingerprint…or birth print…there are no two that are exactly alike. Just provide your birth date, year and time. The most accurate analysis requires actual birth time, which is printed on your birth certificate. Don’t have your birth certificate? Visit’s My FAQs for more on the importance of your actual birth time and tips on how to acquire your birth certificate.

A sample natal birth chart with the transiting Celestial Bodies on a certain date represented.

The Major Transiting Planets Analysis examines your natal Celestial Bodies that are being aspected by current transiting CBs. Again, it is essential to have your exact birth time for an accurate analysis. Visit My FAQs to read more about natal versus transiting CBs.

The Personal Monthly Astrology Analysis e-Newsletter highlights your astrology sign’s monthly outlook as well as information pertaining specifically to your natal chart Celestial Bodies, and their aspects.

To order any of the personalized reports, visit My Products to select and purchase, and then the Contact page to fill out the form with the necessary information for the analyses: Day/Month/Year of birth, birth city and country, and birth time. Remember a birth time from a birth certificate is necessary for accurate information.